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A look back at July 1964.

This was happening 50 years ago. A look back at July 1964:

a look back at July 1964. 1
The Beach Boys (of Hawthorne, California) reach number one on the singles chart with "I Get Around."
a look back at July 1964. 2
15-year old James Powell was shot by Lieutenant Thomas Gilligan setting off the Harlem Riot of 1964. 4,000 New Yorkers participated in the riots which led to attacks on the NYPD, vandalism, and looting in stores.
a look back at July 1964. 3
Mildred Simpson sets the female world record in the marathon (3:19:33) in Auckland, New Zealand.
a look back at July 1964. 4
Miles Davis and his quintet record in Japan for the first time with the live album "Miles" in Tokyo at the Kohseinenkin Hall.
a look back at July 1964. 5
US Ranger 7 - the first US space probe to successfully transmit close images of the lunar surface back to earth - takes 4,316 pictures during the final 17 minutes of its flight before crashing on the Moon.

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