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Inspired by the boy who sailed around the world alone.

Robin Lee Graham was raised to sail. His father taught him to navigate by the stars and the sun. “I want to see the world, and not on a tourist’s itinerary with a passport stamped full of one-day visas. No, my passport must be imprinted with memories of landfalls where foreigners seldom set foot.” —Robin Lee Graham, National Geographic, October 1968.

In the summer of 1965, sixteen-year-old, Robin Lee Graham set out from the port of Los Angeles on his 24-foot sloop named Dove. Five years later, he sailed back into his home port to successfully complete the world’s youngest solo circumnavigation.

His extraordinary adventure led to the inspiration of our seafaring Sloop Moc. A modern interpretation of a traditional hand-sewn boating moccasin, the new men’s Sloop Moc features salt-washed twill, leather accents, and an off-white, non-marking herringbone Grip Lock outsole. Graham’s voyage and love of the coastal lifestyle captured the attention and spirit of a generation.

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